JUMBO S.A. (the “Company”) announces that at the Ordinary General Meeting held on May 5th, 2022 remotely in real-time via teleconference and without the physical presence of shareholders, attended in conformity with the law shareholders representing 109.418.342 common registered shares of the total 136.059.759 common registered shares, equal to a percentage of 80,42% of the Company’s fully paid-up share capital, decided on the 11th item on the agenda ("Decision on a program for the repurchase of owned shares to be cancelled"), by a majority with 108.645.435 valid votes, corresponding to 99,29% of the represented shares and to a percentage of 79,85% of the paid-up share capital, the decision to start a program to acquire Company’s own shares according to article 49 et seq. of Law 4548/2018 for the purpose of their cancelation, with the following terms:
a. The maximum number of shares to be acquired will not exceed 13.605.975, which represents the ten percent (10%) of the fully paid-up share capital of the Company,
b. Their minimum purchase price will be one (EUR 1) euro per share and their maximum purchase price will be thirteen euros and 0.50 (EUR 13.50) per share,
c. The program’s period of implementation is twenty-four (24) months, ie from 05.05.2022 to 04.05.2024, as well as the provision to the Board of Directors of a special mandate, a power of attorney and a right to decide on the implementation of the program.