Announcement of substantial holdings L. 3556/2007

Jumbo SA announces pursuant to Law 3556/2007, that “FMR LLC” on behalf of itself and various “mutual funds” and other investment accounts managed by FMR LLC and its respective affiliates’ notified the company on 19/12/2012 that the number of the voting rights of Jumbo that FMR LLC held indirectly on 17/12/2012 was 17.130.105 or 13,18%. According to the notification, the number of voting rights held prior to the transaction stood at 17.005.414 or 13,08% of the shareholders equity. Moreover, according to the notification the number of voting rights of “Fidelity Management & Research Company,” which is one of the controlled companies, stands at 14.353.895 or 11,04% and is included to the number of voting rights held by “FMR LLC”.

The present announcement is made pursuant to article 9 of the Law 3556/2007 since the percentage variance of the voting rights of the Company controlled by the shareholder under such acknowledgement obligation constitutes a change greater than 3 %. It is noted that according to its previous official notification made on April 28th, 2011, “FMR LLC” held 10,12% of the voting rights of the Company.