Announcement of regulated information according to law 3556/2007

JUMBO SA announces that, according to law 3556/2007, the percentage of voting rights that “Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited” holds indirectly in the company through its subsidiaries, had decreased below the 5% from 03/10/2013 as was declared to the company on 04/10/2013.

It is reminded that, based on a previous announcement dated 26/06/2012, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited held, indirectly, through wholly owned subsidiaries, 7.020.000 shares and corresponding voting rights, i.e. 5,402% of the Company’s share capital and voting rights (based on the total number of shares and voting rights outstanding at that time).

No other company in the Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited group holds directly or indirectly shares and voting rights exceeding the 5% threshold in the Company. Ιt is noted that Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is not a “controlled undertaking” of any person, as “controlled undertaking” is defined in Law 3556/2007.