Reallocation of responsibilities of BoD

Jumbo SA hereby announces that the Board of Directors at its meeting on December 31, 2012 has adopted the following reallocation of responsibilities: Mr. Apostolos- Evangelos Vakakis was elected as Chairman of the BoD, Mr. Ioannis Economou as Vice Chairman, Mr. Evangelos Papaevangelou as Deputy Vice Chairman and Mrs Calliopi Vernadaki as CEO.
The new composition of the Board of Directors' is as follows:
Α. Four (4) Executive members:
1. Evaggelos-Apostolos Vakakis (George and Sofia), entrepreneur, Chairman of the BoD.
2. Ioannis Economou (Christos and Calliope), lawyer, Vice Chairman.
3. Evaggelos Papaevaggelou (Dimitrios and Aikaterini), entrepreneur, Deputy Vice Chairman.
4. Calliopi Vernadaki (Emmanuil and Aggeliki), private sector employee, CEO.

Β. One (1) Non Executive member:
1. Paraskevi Kavoura (Georgios and Assimoula), lawyer.

C. Two (2) independent non executive members:
1. Georgios Katsaros (Spiridonas and Despoina), economist and
2. Victor Asser (Michael and Rozina), entrepreneur.

For the above decision of the Board an approval by the General Assembly is not required.