Extraordinary General Meeting May 18th, 2016

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Jumbo shareholders will be held at the Company’s offices at 9, Cyprus & Hydras street, in Moschato, Attica, on Wednesday May 18th, 2016 at 16:00.

Download the Invitation to the EGM

Brief description of the items in the Agenda - Draft resolutions

Empowerment for Representation of Shareholders in the General Assembly

Pursuant to item b) paragraph 3, article 27 of Law 2190/1920 as currently in force, Jumbo S.A. announces that the total number of shares and voting rights existing as of 18.04.2016, which is the invitation date of the Company’s shareholders to the Extraordinary General Meeting (18.05.2016), are 136.059.759 ordinary registered voting shares.

Procedure for voting through proxy

Minority rights before every General Meeting

Report of the Board of Directors of the Societe Anonyme under the trade name “JUMBO SOCIETE ANONYME” to the General Meeting of its shareholders in accordance with article 69§4 of law 2190/1920 and article of the Athens Exchange Rulebook with respect to the Merger Terms dated 05/04/2016 through the absorption of the company under the trade name “TANOCERIAN COMMERCIAL AND INVESTMENT S.A.” by “JUMBO SOCIETE ANONYME”

Summary of the Plan of the Merger Agreement