Information Bulletin under the article 4 of the Law 3401/2005

It is announced that according to the decision of the Annual General Meeting of the company’s shareholders of the company “JUMBO S.A.” which was held on 03.12.2008, was approved the increase of the existing fully paid-up share capital by the amount of eighty four millions, eight hundred sixty four thousands three hundred one euros and twenty cents (€ 84.864.301,20), through capitalization of the following reserves: a) of previous financial years extraordinary reserves, amount of fifty four millions, five hundred fifty five thousands, six hundred twenty two euros and twenty cents (€ 54.555.622,20) and b) part of the extraordinary reserve of the fiscal year 2007/2008 amount of thirty millions, three hundred eight thousands, six hundred seventy nine euros (€ 30.308.679) which is included to the account “retained earnings” of the published Financial Results according to IFRS.

The Share Capital increase will be accomplished with the issuance of sixty millions, six hundred seventeen thousands, three hundred fifty eight (60.617.358) new bonus shares, of nominal value one Euro and forty cents (€ 1.40) each which will be distributed in a proportion of one (1) new share for every one (1) old.

The purpose of the capital increase is mainly the enforcement of the company’s share capital and the improvement of the stock’s marketability.

Following the above share capital increase, the fully paid-up capital of the company will rise to one hundred sixty nine millions, seven hundred twenty eight thousands, six hundred two euros and forty cents (€169.728.602,40), consisting of one hundred twenty one millions, two hundred thirty four thousands, seven hundred sixteen (121.234.716) common shares of nominal value one EUR and forty cents (€ 1.40) each.

The decision no. Κ2-15012 of the Ministry of Development was registered in the Official Register of Sociétés Anonymes on 11.12.2008. Under this decision the amendment of the article 5 par. A’ of the company’s Articles of Association was approved, according to the decision of the General Meeting on 03.12.2008.

Under the decision of the Board of Directors of the company on 11.12.2008, the entire payment of the increase of the share capital of the amount of € 84.864.301,20 was certified.

The new shares will be listed on the Athens Exchange according to the article 308 of the ATHEX Regulation, which applies up to 31.12.2008. As a date of the shareholders entitled to the bonus shares will be defined the third (3rd) working day from the approval of the new shares listing. As an ex-rights date to receive the bonus shares and adjustment of the stock’s value will be defined the fourth (4th) working day, following the approval date for the listing to the Athens Exchange. The new shares are expected to be listed on the fifth (5th) working day following the ex-rights date.

Responsible for the information bulleting and for the accuracy of the details that consists are Mr. Evangelos-Apostolos Vakakis, President of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the company and Mrs Kalliopi Vernadaki of Emmanouil, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer.

The investors who are interested for more information can address during working days and hours at the company, Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267.

The current document is available to the public at the company’s offices at 9 Kyprou and Hydras str., Moschato 18346, on the company’s website