Regarding the as of 08.09.2006 Bond Loan of the Company, with bonds convertible to ordinary company shares (from now Convertible Bond Loan), of the amount of € 42,432,150.00 and a duration of 7 years which was issued according to the article 8 of the L. 3156/2003 and 3a of the L. 2190/1920, the Board of Directors of JUMBO S.A. informs the bondholders that:
The Company’s Board of Directors with its decision of 11.9.2012 approved the obligatorily adjustment of the conversion ratio from 2,100840336 to 2,21425331 and the adjustment of the conversion price from € 4,76 to € 4,516195122 ,in order for the bond holders to reiterate their initial right as a consequence of the corporate action, which was approved by a decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting as at 25.07.2012 regarding the reduction of the company’s share capital by the amount of € 27.292.132,77, through the reduction of the nominal value of each one of the company's shares from the amount of € 1,40 to the amount of € 1,19 and capital return in cash to the shareholders of the amount € 0,21 per share. Following the aforementioned decrease, the fully paid-up share capital of the Company amounted to € 154.655.419,03 divided into 129.962.537 shares, of €1,19 final nominal value each.