Announcement of regulated information according to law 3556/2007

In accordance with the provisions of the Law 3556/2007, JUMBO S.A. announces that on 14.09.2010 the company
Karpathia LTD, which is closely associated to the family of Mr. Evangelos- Apostolos Vakakis, Chairman and CEO of
JUMBO S.A., sold 1.436.250 common shares of the company with total value of € 7.181.250,00 through "Eurobank
EFG Private Bank Luxembourg S.A.. On 08.09.2009 ?Karpathia LTD? had applied for the conversion of 683.655
bonds of the company?s Convertible Bond Loan, issued on 08.09.2006 and were converted into 1.436.250 new
common nominal shares.